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Employment Services & Staffing Solutions

Northern CPR & Staffing can help connect you with the best temporary or long-term medical professionals to meet your staffing needs. We hire the most qualified, dependable, and reliable staff with experience in their area of specialty, and have passed background checks. Because we are local, we have first-hand knowledge of our staff's strengths and skills, so you're not just getting someone to fill your position, you're getting the best match for that position, and we stand by our staffing service.


Staffing Options

To give your business maximum workforce flexibility, we have several hiring options to choose from.


Whether you need one employee for a one-day assignment or require many workers to complete a major project, we have the experience and expertise to meet your interim staffing needs. Temp-to-hire options are also available.


Regardless of the length and scope of the assignment, we understand the importance of providing a qualified professional who can step in and make an immediate contribution. Utilizing a contractor gives you the opportunity to bring in high-demand skills and experience quickly and, often, at a fraction of the cost associated with a direct hire.


Your company's success depends on quality people. Our direct hire service will allow you to concentrate on your core business instead of spending time and energy searching for qualified individuals to join your permanent team.

Call to discuss your needs: (248) 499-4038

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